About Us

tumblroute [tumbuhl’ROWT] is a consulting firm focused on civic technology, research, and marketing for small cities and their stakeholders.


We’re a small company facilitating citizen engagement, optimizing online city services, and delivering signature event experiences. We help you understand your people, and serve them better.

We want to share our love of small cities everywhere, while helping them retain their signature charm. This means making it easier for your visitors and residents connect to and share your community, while valuing and preserving its identity and natural resources. Your place is its people, its values, its institutions, and its relationship with the surrounding environment – and we want to help you sustain it for future generations.

Why Us? We’ve assembled a talented and diverse team that provides 360 degrees of solutions from application development to tactical urbanism:

  • In depth research with actionable insights for policy and program development
  • User-focused websites that tell your story and simplify the daily operations of your local government
  • Family festivals and Food Truck Fridays
  • Amazing aerial photography
  • A brand new startup hub to bring energy and economic strength back downtown

Choose your solution, we’ll help make it happen. Let’s have fun together making your project amazing.

tumblroute[tumbuhl’ROWT] is a civic technology and community marketing company boasting a diverse team with more than 30 years of combined experience in project management, community engagement, training, design, research, and web applications development. We help small cities connect and thrive via strategic interventions, user-friendly online services, and smart digital marketing.
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